Convo with your dog

Email I sent to brother who just moved to Vegas with my favorite Rottweiler dog, Cayden:

“Cayden called last night (on a private number??) and she is VERY happy to see you, as I know you guys were apart for a few weeks. However, she is a little worried about the heat in Vegas and wants to make sure that she will be able to come back to LA and see me from time to time. I played it very cool (though the whine in her voice pulled at a heart string or two), and suggested she go over it with you, and maybe we could work out a joint custody deal where she spends some weekends here. She loved this. I also informed her that I was grilling fish and would have given her a bite had she been there (reinforcing our bond), and then I screamed “WALK??” really loudly (in case you wondered why she was a little wired when we hung up the phone).”

A hair-raising event

When I heard about the recent Gulf of Mexico oil spill, I was one of many who gasped in horror at the photos of dolphin, turtle, bird and fish corpses washed upon the Gulf coast shores. Unfortunately, gasping in horror is rather unproductive, and yet, what was I supposed to do about it? Between the Haiti disaster and other human rights efforts, funds were running low. I reluctantly admit that I decided the oil spill was just one more human-caused catastrophe responsible for environmental destruction, and I made no plans to be part of the solution.

Until last Tuesday. While visiting family in Ashland, Oregon, I heard about a group of middle schoolers in nearby Central Point who were conducting a hair-raising event- literally collecting hair- to send to the Gulf Relief Effort. What? We had no idea what to expect, but my cousin (a pro photographer) and I decided to show up to the Scenic Middle School’s┬ámorning assembly the following day to learn more. And learn we did.