This happened.

Okay, so I woke myself up saying, “Ohhhh I loooooooove it for you!”

Then remembered my dream*:

Abigail (via cell phone): “Jess! God, how are you babe?”
Me (carrying unweildy bags in a random neighborhood with big houses): “I’m good! Christ, just realized that I’m parked illegally in someone’s driveway and so need to go back and move my car to the street. How are things with you?”
Abigail (*happy sigh*): “Oh man… I just had to say that things with Coop are SO good.”
Me: “No way! tell me.”
Abigail: “I don’t know. This morning, he turned to me, took my hand, and said, ‘you know what Abigail, enough is enough. I want us to start having sex in the dumpster like we used to.'”
Me: “Ohhhh I loooooooooove it for you!”

*Note: This was a dream, which apparently I need to reiterate, as one friend missed that fact and was trying to understand how Abigail would be into “that”, as well as the logistics of dumpster sex. Dream. It was a dream.