Within a ten minute span:

A guy six years my junior informs me that “women your age want children yesterday.”

A friend calls me hysterically sobbing (barely heard over equally distraught baby wail in the background) because her newborn just spray-pooped all over her, she hasn’t slept in two weeks and all she dreams about is having time to take a shower.


the Wishing

I had no idea that thirteen could feel sexy,

until you caught me staring at your breasts

and insisted I try on your red lace push-up bra,

then swiftly slipped out of hooks and straps
as I reached out a giddy hand, averting my eyes, but not really.

I don’t know if I was more embarrassed by your immodesty,

your bare nipples, or my cherry-tannined flush.

Regardless, I brazened it out, and fingered the soft fabric,

still warm from your skin,

silently applauding the wondrous potential it embodied,

then slid into hooks and straps
and stood profile in my bedroom mirror.

Enamored with their fuller shape,
pressing gently at the suggestion of cleavage,

I remember slowly approaching my reflection,
until I could feel the breath of my own image,

while you made fun of my “mirror face”
(that theatrical pursing of lips,
head tilted slightly back,

eyes narrowing into invitations).

Ah, the things we suddenly know how to do,
by virtue of red lace and an audience.

(by Andrew Pearce “The Wishing”)

funny how…

…but I managed to run into you yesterday while in a shambolic state of post-workout disarray. That is to say, an utter sweat-festival. But it’s not about looks, right? RIGHT?

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like a friend

Every time I hear Pulp’s “Like a Friend” I am bopping around my first LA apartment eight years ago. Jeanie, my dear roommate at the time, makes a cameo sometimes. Champagne is often involved. Night of shenanigans ahead…always.


nature maker

Live in the sunshine, swim in the sea, drink the wild air.

-Ralph Waldo Emerson


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girl’s night

(talking about rectifying an old “friendship”)

me: pretty cool that we can talk now and it’s so easy.

abbie: wait… is he the cyclist?

me: no no, he’s the one I met by wrapping my scarf around his neck, tra-la-la-ing around H-Wood, champagne, holding hands through the art show, then broke my heart… you know, cold sweats, slow death, blah blah…

abbie: oh right. i was there for that.

me: yeah, can’t believe we are friends now.

abbie: what’s the cyclist’s name again?

me: i forgot.

abbie: GOOD.




I just started writing for Your Daily Thread (aka YDT), “a modern guide for the eco-curious and social do-gooder”.

I have loved this online magazine for some time, for the stylish and fun way it covers topics like eco-fashion, yoga, holistic medicine, farmer’s markets, Fair Trade, local green & sustainable events, outdoor activities, etc. DREAMY. As a Colorado kid, I was raised with an appreciation for all things environmentally-friendly, so how could I be anything but stoked about joining this team?!

Check out some fun posts: Get Eco-Fabulous From Head to Hiney and Go Green Expo 2o11


email from spawn child

(email i just sent mom explaining her late birthday gift):

Dearest Mother-Of-All-Mothers,

Your birthday gift is en route.

I must take this moment to warn you that it is flying over many states and as it has been collectively considered by the minds of yours truly and an equally imaginative (some may call it mischievous) brother of mine, this gift may wander a bit, getting distracted by good fly-fishing (from cooper’s side) and delicious Kombucha (me me me), likely acquiring a few friends along the way and therefore drinking and telling stories until the dawn breaks (and then potentially making out if they are good-looking and Italian- cooper’s side of course)… and you see, I have pleaded with it to be mindful of the fact that this is a very important birthday – NO minor celebration- (I literally had to repeat “60TH BIRTHDAY” countless times, as after seeing recent pictures of you, it refused to believe in the number “60”. That’s really the point when all sense of urgency waned dramatically and the trouble began)…

This is all to say that if it should be an errant little shit, and arrive a day or two late because of selfish wayfaring tendencies, know that it’s not my fault or Cooper’s. As I said, it spawned from the collective considerations of two inherently autonomous childs with one independent, free-spirited mother… and may be using a mind of its own on this particular pilgrimage.

However, it will find you. And though it may proffer a few feeble excuses, overshadowed (it hopes) by a few charming anecdotes from said journey, know that what it really wants to say is HAPPPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE GREATEST WOMAN AND MOTHER AROUND.

And then it will make itself at home with no plans of departure, giving it the true Rounds hallmark.

All the love and more –
spawn child.


Brilliant musician and friend, Connie Lim … magic maker.