Streetlights flicker, distantly.
You set the pace- I fall just behind,
touching your hand from time to time.
The soft path spreads beneath us,
this kind of work gets messy…

we may be lost,
stumbling where our eyes struggle to adjust.
I hear you breathing,
and its textured rhythm fills the void.
I could stay here for a long time.

“You love me in a way I never could,”
you say and it’s confusing
so I prove to you, right then,
that I love enough for the both of us.
Again, and again.

I have weak bones it seems
and they fold over me, over you,
until I lose my shape and can’t stand straight.
And there’s an ache-
you don’t know how to touch without hurting.

We watch the horizon form like an uninvited guest
who reminds us we don’t belong here.
You are looking for a place to unwind,
so you leave everything that you love behind.

I’ve survived you- and the yous before you.
I’m nothing if not strong,
and I’ve learned that if I watch your disappearing form,
I’ll slowly hate you.

So I watch the glorious skyline instead.

photo by Rounds 2012

photo by Rounds 2012




Social Hour

We work the crowd,

dabbling in the available roles,
shedding and adorning accordingly,

the occasional reflection barely recognizable.

List of 10 things about me – just for fun

1. I believed in Greek Mythology until I was 14. As in, I had chats with Aphrodite when I needed my boy crush to GET WITH IT.

2. As a little girl, all I ever needed was an audience of one, and I would tell endless stories with no beginning, middle or end. I think I’m a better listener now.

3. Laughing is my favorite hobby. (I look for humor in every situation, and it’s usually there).

4. Music, yoga and running around outside are all a close second.

5. I wrote stories for a radio show in Australia one summer, and I got to research the hairy-nosed Wombat in depth. While not the highlight of my professional writing career, it was an entertaining starting point.

6. When I was flat broke in college, I won a poetry contest which paid for a 3 month excursion to Costa Rica where I became fluent in Spanish…and then conveniently graduated with a major in Spanish.

7. I backpacked around the world with my best friend from college. I didn’t know you could pack that many adventures (shenanigans) into three months and I’ve vowed to say “yes” more often than I say “no” ever since. We’re still best friends to this day.

8. I didn’t really know my cousin until 4.5 years ago the day I moved in with her. We became soul mates immediately and always will be.

9. I write everyday, professionally and otherwise. It helps me SEE the world and people around me.

10. I fall in love with dogs every chance I get. I am equally in love with boyfriend’s dog as I am with him. Which is, incidentally, a lot.