“Women Who Rock” (article in Mountain Outlaw Magazine)

I wrote an article about a few female rock bands (interview with ThunderPussy) who are touring the Greater Yellowstone area this summer in the the Summer 2018 Issue of Mountain Outlaw 

BOOMA art show – 1/17/2015

Last weekend in Livingston, Montana, I participated in a text/collaborative art show.

I was given a photograph, and then I wrote a poem based on that photo. Then I passed on my poem to two dancers, and they choreographed a dance which then played at the show. And so and so on.


Here is the photo by Bozeman based photographer Dan Armstrong:




Here is the poem I wrote based on his photo:



              I intended to travel alone,
         but the mind is that clingy companion,
         impartial to longitudes and latitudes,
              unwilling to be left behind.
        So, it’s one foot in front of the other
                 down eroded alleyways,
               along picturesque trails,
                     squeezing you
              with a frenzy of new images

followed by warm exchanges with the passerby- we all insist on being perfectly present (not reflecting on what we said
and didn’t say, did and didn’t do).

But when the darkness takes over,
issuing stars into the night sky,
your absence seeps in like a carnivorous vapor:

seething particles consume my mouth, until smiling burns,
and my eyes,
until the tears come (and they do), even my ears!

until endless chatter aches as much as endless quiet,

devouring my skin so slowly and methodically until eventually,
I don’t recognize myself.

By ‘your absence’, I mean the way you come into my
world everyday


And here is the dance that two ladies did based on my poem: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R79d7F-vWPk&feature=youtu.be

Meg Myers Concert Review for LOAR.com

I saw Meg Myers play at The Troubadour and wrote a music review for LOAR.com.

photo 2

photo 1

Crystal Fighters Concert Review

“Naked, Pringle [the lead singer] probably looks more like an ascetic spiritual guru than a bona fide rockstar. However, donning giant sunglasses, a sparkly silver sequined top and billowing black bottoms that arguably resembled a yogic skirt of sorts, he whirled around the stage with indubitable star quality…”

Read full review at LOAR.

crystal fighters


from his “Twilight” series

“I have always been fascinated by the poetic condition of twilight. By its transformative quality. Its power of turning the ordinary into something magical and otherworldly.” ~Gregory Crewdson

Portugal. The Man interview

Check out part of an interview I did with the band “Portugal. The Man”


(for LadyGunn Magazine)

The Red Dog

Reunited with this hoodlum.

Reunited with this hoodlum.

“Get on now.”

Let the rain come down.
It’s a different gray.
Let the water rush in,
and distort my way.

“Get on now”
whispered like a warning
but I keep looking back,
and stumbling.

Let the sky turn black.
It’s a sure-fire storm.
Let the wind rush in,
and dismantle my form.

Spin, spin, spinning,
look at the shape I’m in,
thrashed and burned,
afraid to look up again.

Let the sky grow quiet.
It’s a rising sun.
Let the light spread itself,
and warm everyone.

“Get on now”
whispered like a warning,
and there, just ahead,
a future, unfolding.

"Get on now."