yoga in LA, like, this one time

Dressing room in yoga…

Girl: I go to Thailand every year just to sit in a cave and pray.

Other girl: oh my god! That’s like “Eat, pray, love!” *sigh*

Girl: Well, yeah…except, like, I don’t eat. I just do a juice fast and get colonics every day. It’s so raw and REAL.

spare change

She asked me for spare change and I said no not today. She glared and said you get what you give and I looked at her angry eyes and agreed.

charmed in Missoula, MT

I jogged past an elderly man and waved because it was early on a Monday morning and we were both enjoying the fresh air. He yelled “WHORE!” Happy Monday.

young love

At the airport. A little girl about 4 years old walks up to a boy her height in line, and unzips her sweatshirt to reveal the SAME Batman t-shirt that he is wearing. They stare at each other, then alternately grin and scowl, until she finally runs away. He steps out of line, watches her for a moment, then screams, “COME BACK BATGIRL!”

Excerpts from the coffeehouse #1

A conservative looking older gentleman sits across from a 20-something gal. He reviews papers, removes his reading glasses and speaks to her, glancing back at the papers every so often. I’m guessing a job interview.

Her wavy brown hair weaves over the collar of a down vest, and fingers adorned with silver rings press into one another in her corduroyed lap. She is nodding and smiling, eyes trained on him, interested, engaged…nervous. DEFINITELY a job interview.

He stops talking, and she swallows, raises her eyebrows and then responds, gesticulating with rather muscular hands. She must be a mountain climber. He sits back and listens, his expression inscrutable, which always sucks. You want an encouraging nod here or there!

I feel a little queasy for her. If she had looked over at me, I’d have given her an enthusiastic thumbs up (luckily for all of us, she doesn’t). I recognize this friendly, hard-working gal as the cashier for the local co-op grocery. I wonder what job she’s interviewing for.

After some time, I head toward them to put my cup in the dirty bin. I am right next to them now. His voice is quiet and warm.

“Well…” he sighs. “I will tell you something, and I don’t say this lightly.” She waits. I wait. “You are a remarkable, intelligent young woman. We would be a better team for having you on board, and I look forward to working with you. The job is most definitely yours.”

She sits back, shaking slightly and gasping, and when I look at her, she’s a blur through the tears in my eyes.

Good things happening in the world, folks.

List of 10 things about me – just for fun

1. I believed in Greek Mythology until I was 14. As in, I had chats with Aphrodite when I needed my boy crush to GET WITH IT.

2. As a little girl, all I ever needed was an audience of one, and I would tell endless stories with no beginning, middle or end. I think I’m a better listener now.

3. Laughing is my favorite hobby. (I look for humor in every situation, and it’s usually there).

4. Music, yoga and running around outside are all a close second.

5. I wrote stories for a radio show in Australia one summer, and I got to research the hairy-nosed Wombat in depth. While not the highlight of my professional writing career, it was an entertaining starting point.

6. When I was flat broke in college, I won a poetry contest which paid for a 3 month excursion to Costa Rica where I became fluent in Spanish…and then conveniently graduated with a major in Spanish.

7. I backpacked around the world with my best friend from college. I didn’t know you could pack that many adventures (shenanigans) into three months and I’ve vowed to say “yes” more often than I say “no” ever since. We’re still best friends to this day.

8. I didn’t really know my cousin until 4.5 years ago the day I moved in with her. We became soul mates immediately and always will be.

9. I write everyday, professionally and otherwise. It helps me SEE the world and people around me.

10. I fall in love with dogs every chance I get. I am equally in love with boyfriend’s dog as I am with him. Which is, incidentally, a lot.

You are missed, my friend.

I lost you. I don’t know how it happened, and I am not sure how to get you back. My days are harder now that you are gone. Quieter – in that ’empty quiet’ kind of way. This is the worst kind of ending, abrupt and unexpected, where everything reminds me of you… even the song on the radio…right…now. I have been through this before. Haven’t we all? That agonizing heartbreak period when you swear not to put yourself through such disappointment again. Yet, here we are. I never expected us to end up apart.

If you’re with someone else tonight and all of sudden miss my touch… please come home. This time, things will be different. I won’t demand that you entertain my every whim without appreciating how valuable you are. No more abandoning you when you feel rundown and need me most… you’ve never done that to me. Darling, you have been some of the best company I’ve had in years. This time around, I promise to give you only the best of what I have.

The thing is, I think anyone would agree that we have worked well together these last few years. We’ve traveled the world extensively without one moment of tension- that is so rare! Your willingness to back me up, no matter where we were or what the situation may have been, staggers me. I know you probably felt disregarded when I got busy, or when friends came around… please know that at the end of the night, it was always you.

Just because I couldn’t hold onto you forever doesn’t change how you have shaped me. I still remember that rainy night in Florida when I held you, tears spilling from my face onto yours, while you quietly sang me an acoustic version of Griffin House’s “Only Love Remains”. Only the two of us could hear, and in that private moment, I realized with unshakeable certainty that as long as you were around, I’d be okay.

I know that my blog is relatively new and my readership is painfully limited at this time, so you may never know how much I loved you. I suppose I write this more for me than for you.

Nevertheless, if somehow, in some way, my message finds you, please know that I would do great things to have you close to me now.

Moment of silence for you, my beloved iPod. Though I may find another down the road, you could never truly be replaced.


Within a ten minute span:

A guy six years my junior informs me that “women your age want children yesterday.”

A friend calls me hysterically sobbing (barely heard over equally distraught baby wail in the background) because her newborn just spray-pooped all over her, she hasn’t slept in two weeks and all she dreams about is having time to take a shower.


funny how…

…but I managed to run into you yesterday while in a shambolic state of post-workout disarray. That is to say, an utter sweat-festival. But it’s not about looks, right? RIGHT?

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girl’s night

(talking about rectifying an old “friendship”)

me: pretty cool that we can talk now and it’s so easy.

abbie: wait… is he the cyclist?

me: no no, he’s the one I met by wrapping my scarf around his neck, tra-la-la-ing around H-Wood, champagne, holding hands through the art show, then broke my heart… you know, cold sweats, slow death, blah blah…

abbie: oh right. i was there for that.

me: yeah, can’t believe we are friends now.

abbie: what’s the cyclist’s name again?

me: i forgot.

abbie: GOOD.