Spreading herself low
she holds on with chilly limbs
waiting for sunrise.

Haiku series

The alarm will sound.
The choice…should I slumber on
or be awakened?

With no place to go,
it is her thoughts that wander.
She travels lightly.

He hates his routine
but hates more the idea
of confronting change.

I pretend to smile.
But like a dog baring teeth,
I just seem afraid.

When shit goes straight south,
I have no clue where to find
the worthwhile lessons.

The rain’s coming down
with an unforgiving force.
Will you let me in?

Filled with potential,
it’s my own fluctuations
that embarrass me.

You want beautiful
then bemoan how ugly she is
when her mouth opens.

Wherever I am,
your image is staring back.
You are my window.

He preaches God’s word
then strips down to leopard skin,
and prowls for night life.

As your face grows pale,
You repeat, “I can do this”
over…and over.

Each day at this hour,
the sun is an angry boss
casting long shadows.

Hey Stranger. Search me.
You never know what you’ll find.
There’s magic in that.

Slinky dresses may
repair a broken ego.
Naked always wins.

You’ll swear ‘forever’
then insist on betrayal,
mirth’s ruthless vacuum.

When the walls become
more important than the view,
we miss the sunrise.

I know, despite fear,
that one foot front the other
is how I’ll get there.

The ground we once held
burns like wildfire beneath us
where new grass can grow.