“Women Who Rock” (article in Mountain Outlaw Magazine)

I wrote an article about a few female rock bands (interview with ThunderPussy) who are touring the Greater Yellowstone area this summer in the the Summer 2018 Issue of Mountain Outlaw 

Caitlin Fitzgerald gets real

“So who is the real Caitlin FitzGerald? Imagine the Hollywood starlet obsessed with self-image and Twitter followers and partying. Now imagine the exact opposite: a humble, down-to-earth, and hard-working woman. That’s her.” – From an article I did on Caitlin Fitzgerald for LadyGunn Magazine.

Read here.

interview with The Neighbourhood

Read the interview I did with the Bryan Sammis from The Neighbourhood for LadyGunn Magazine.

Crystal Fighters Concert Review

“Naked, Pringle [the lead singer] probably looks more like an ascetic spiritual guru than a bona fide rockstar. However, donning giant sunglasses, a sparkly silver sequined top and billowing black bottoms that arguably resembled a yogic skirt of sorts, he whirled around the stage with indubitable star quality…”

Read full review at LOAR.

crystal fighters


Fitz & The Tantrums article

Loved interviewing and writing about the band “Fitz & The Tantrums” for LadyGunn Magazine.

Read the article here.

Portugal. The Man interview

Check out part of an interview I did with the band “Portugal. The Man”


(for LadyGunn Magazine)

Eclecticism: A Liberating Approach to Design

I loved interviewing Elle Greene for this article and getting some great advice from a pro on a more liberating approach to design:

“The cool thing about Eclecticism is you don’t need the giant apothecary jar of lemons to be living the well-decorated life.” So says Elle Greene, owner of Austin Modern (www.austinmodern.com), a very hip online collection of Mid-Century modern furniture, art, lighting and accessories. She practices Eclecticism, and freely mixes genres to achieve a refreshingly original look. Instead of pigeonholing your home into one rigid style full of catalogue clichés, simply introducing a few affordable accents into your current décor allows you to customize your living space. Following are several of Elle’s imaginative design suggestions on how to do just that.

The main question you should consider before you spice up your place is “What kind of lifestyle do I lead?” Many of us have flipped through home-style magazines and felt envious of the gloriously staged photos; sure, a sparkling, sun-soaked room boasting plush white furniture IS beautiful. Add an animal, child, or Cheetos® into the mix, let alone all three, and the idyllic vision quickly implodes. Taking into account practicality makes any space more enjoyable. (more…)

A hair-raising event

When I heard about the recent Gulf of Mexico oil spill, I was one of many who gasped in horror at the photos of dolphin, turtle, bird and fish corpses washed upon the Gulf coast shores. Unfortunately, gasping in horror is rather unproductive, and yet, what was I supposed to do about it? Between the Haiti disaster and other human rights efforts, funds were running low. I reluctantly admit that I decided the oil spill was just one more human-caused catastrophe responsible for environmental destruction, and I made no plans to be part of the solution.

Until last Tuesday. While visiting family in Ashland, Oregon, I heard about a group of middle schoolers in nearby Central Point who were conducting a hair-raising event- literally collecting hair- to send to the Gulf Relief Effort. What? We had no idea what to expect, but my cousin (a pro photographer) and I decided to show up to the Scenic Middle School’s morning assembly the following day to learn more. And learn we did.