Garden Roofs: A Breath of Fresh Air

This article ran in the Summer 2009 issue of Urban Home Magazine for Austin/San Antonio. I got the idea for this article when my “eco guru” friend Bo walked into the office one day and announced that he wanted to plant vegetables on his roof. Intrigued by an outrageous visual I got of my roof sprouting a giant salad, I had to check it out.

EXCERPT: “Picture this: It is summer in Austin and you are lounging amidst a flourishing garden… on your roof! Whether you live in a house in the suburbs or a loft downtown, if more greenery, improved air quality and a view of the city from your rooftop conjure an appealing image, then a roof garden could be the perfect addition to your life…”

TESTIMONIAL: “Jessica has continued to impress me with her enthusiasm, professionalism and quality writing for Urban Home Magazine of Austin-San Antonio for the past year. Many of our clients write me with unsolicited ‘thank yous’ for the time spent with her doing interviews.”

– Derek Hall/Publisher