I distrust anything shiny…

…yet, I want this to be brilliant;
I want to wake up tomorrow
or a lifetime from now,

and disbelieve it ever happened-
that kind of brilliant.

It’ll be a quiet shift of floorboards,
settling under the weight of footsteps,
as I tiptoe my way out of here.

You won’t hear me leave,
or try to stop me
as I glide through the getaway filth,

navigating noxious words we emit
at the end, mostly the ambivalent ones,
that translate into a slow falling out of love.

And when the tears come, I’ll learn
that if I blink fast enough, the passing moments
record in still frames,

like a metamorphic montage-
where escaping becomes embarking,
where reflections become indistinguishable,

where bared teeth are a smile or a grimace,
depending on interpretation-
and don’t we all find that comforting?

Photos by Rounds. Eye Montage. 2012