A New Day for Clay

This article ran in the Summer 2009 issue of Urban Home. It represents two “firsts” for me: first article as a professional writer and first experience with green design. As I knew next to nothing about eco design, the combination proved adventurous.

EXCERPT: “American Clay Enterprises out of New Mexico has created a line of clay earth plasters based with 40 different organic Mayan pigments. Lu Goodwin Mark, owner of the Austin School of Faux Finishes, has worked extensively to create healthy, aesthetic interiors, and is familiar with the benefits of American Clay. As a truly organic substance, it breathes and interacts with its surroundings, cleansing the air as it circulates. One of its most distinguishing characteristics is that it absorbs moisture and then releases negative ions, a chemical reaction scientifically touted for its stress-reducing effects.”

TESTIMONIAL: “In approaching me about my client, Jessica had done her research but also listened well as to the unique aspects of my client’s products. She is great to work with as a writer and a communicator, respecting everyone’s time, involvement and knowledge, and relaying the message correctly and creatively.”

– Julie Du Brow, dubroWORKS PR