Shizen: Japanese for Natural Beauty

I wrote this article about sustainable decorative art finishes for the 2009 fall issue Austin/San Antonio Urban Home Magazine.

One thing I love about writing articles on green design is how impassioned the interviewees are about the product. I never knew I would care so much about decorative wall and floor finishes until I discovered Shizen. Having said that, I promise I do have a life.

EXCERPT: “Shizen, the Japanese word for “natural beauty”, aptly characterizes the four different decorative textures composing the line: 1) KAI™, meaning “seashell”, is a soil, sand, stone, and seashell combination effecting a pearl-like shimmery finish. Its watery look makes it ideal for a waterfront property or a cabana on a seaside resort area.”

TESTIMONIAL: “Thank you so much for producing such an accurate and beautifully written article about “Shizen: Japanese for ‘Natural Beauty”… My business has certainly benefited by your work. From her great investigation and thoroughness, Jessica just got it right. Did I say, I love it.

– Lu Goodwin Mark, Owner Austin School of Faux Finishes

To read full article click Shizen.